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To do something so well for so long, you have to love what you do - and we do!
Excel Dimensions

At Excel Dimensions, we've spent more than ten years training thousands of business, corporate and government clients on how to use Excel, from introduction level all the way through to advanced.

Our goal is simple - to deliver focused, effective and enjoyable training courses that will increase your productivity, whatever your industry.

Why just Excel?

Other training organisations may offer lessons in dozens of programs. We specialise in one application bringing the best, most in-depth Microsoft Excel training to every client. Plus, Excel is capable of so many things, there's plenty to learn.

Who do we train?

Anyone! We conduct Excel courses for all industries. We've worked with companies focusing on accounting, engineering, general office work, and more. We also cater to all skill levels, so even seasoned vets can learn something new from our courses.

Training on-site at your premises

We know it's not always feasible to bring your staff to a training session, so we can bring the training session to you. Our on-site training teaches your company staff how to use Excel in your own office. We also offer live online courses.

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