Online Excel Training for a group

Online Excel Training

Live Online Microsoft Excel Training

Learn to use Excel with our live remote-access online training. Our facilitator-led sessions are designed to address topics that will deliver a real learning outcome for the participant, rather than a generic learning experience.

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Our Services

We provide 2 on-line training services:

These instructor-led sessions are facilitated by a senior Microsoft Excel trainer, and are designed to return real value on your training investment.

Training needs analysis

Benefits of online remote-access
Excel training

Course Details
It’s cost-effective
You’ll cover only relevant content, and to the depth that meets your requirements
You won’t be bound to set of pre-determined topics, with little leeway
Time saving
You won’t be required to re-learn topics you already know

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  • Uncover your team's true training need

  • Determine who requires the training

  • Identify the skill gaps in your team

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