Online group Excel training

Excel Dimensions provides live remote-access on-line group training to our clients throughout Australia.

  • Online training facilitated LIVE by a senior Microsoft Excel trainer
  • Customised course content so you learn exactly what you need
  • Training designed to deliver returns on your training investment
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Tailored to your business

Fully customisable

The customisation of courseware is cost-free, and ensures that time spent in training will maximise relevance. During the training session we’ll use software such as Microsoft Teams or GoToMeeting (or if you prefer, we can use sharing software used by your organisation). It’s the next-best thing to the facilitator being in the same room as your team.

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Benefits of online remote-access
group training

Course Details
It’s cost-effective
You’ll cover only relevant content, and to the depth that meets your team’s needs
You won’t be bound to a set of pre-determined topics, with little leeway
Time saving
You won’t be required to re-learn topics you already know
Customised for you
We offer customised Microsoft Excel courses to all of our online customers at no extra cost. This means that you can learn exactly how to do what you need to do. From calculations to PviotTables, we can focus on the functions that will boost your productivity.
Course duration and class size
Courses can be full-day, half-day and 2 hours in duration and comprise up to 14 participants.
Easy to use
Our online Excel courses build on our over ten years of Excel training experience, and our online courses also make it possible for your team to learn the tools they need, wherever they may be situated.
Training topics
Topics for our remote access group training sessions can be drawn from our primary courses, listed below.
Mix & Match Course Content

Courses for All Skill Levels

Woman taking beginner Excel Course
01 Beginner Course

Getting started with Excel

Perfect for any beginner and covers the basics of using Microsoft Excel. It’s designed to get you up and running quickly, covering a solid grounding in the basics of calculations and database filtering and sorting, as well as tips and tricks to slash the time it’ll take you to perform Excel tasks.

Beginner Course Details
Man taking the intermediate Excel Course
02 Intermediate Course

Essential Functions in Excel

Address the toolsets that take participants from beginner to high-productivity user. The course covers the 2 most requested areas after the beginners level – the first looks at LOOKUP and IF functionality, and how to work with large data ranges effectively through named ranges.

The second area looks at advanced database manipulation techniques, and takes a deep dive into effective methods of extracting meaning from Excel databases quickly.

Intermediate Course Details
Woman taking the Advanced Excel Course
03 Advanced

Additional Productivity Tools

Designed to introduce higher-level Excel tool-set functionality and take intermediate-level users to the power-user level. It introduces a host of new Microsoft Excel Advanced tools, formulas and functions,  and also expands on the functionality of intermediate-level tools, adding powerful complimentary functions make Excel jump.

In addition, we look at the macro/VBA side of Excel, when we not only record, run and modify macros, but introduce participants to the principles of event-driven programming.

Advanced Course Details
04 Guru

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) take off where the standard Excel tool-set end. It’s more than spreadsheet automation; it’s about introducing functionality through programming solutions that’ll expand your productivity.

The skills and knowledge you’ll acquire in this course will be the starting point in learning to create real-life working VBA applications within Excel.

VBA Course Details

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