Overall, I would definitely recommend the On Site Microsoft Excel Training delivered by Excel Dimensions, as it is convenient, useful, and, those skills gained are applicable, timeless and beneficial to personal and professional development.

Felicia Pantaleo La Porchetta

The materials that Excel Dimensions provided were excellent. I still refer to my workbook whenever I forget a function that I learned in the course!

Paul Silverman made for an entertaining and informative instructor. His friendly and approachable demeanor created a relaxing learning environment, which was ideal for beginners, who may have been tentative about their existing skills and gaining new information.
Paul was knowledgeable and readily able to answer all, and any, of our questions. His patience and encouragement also made the workshop a fantastic platform for education and training.
The content of the workshop was very relative and appropriate for the level of skills possessed, and was delivered in a straightforward, comprehensive manner. The knowledge and abilities gained from the workshop have proven practical and viable, and have since made working with excel documents significantly easier.
The practicality of on-site training was convenient and would be suggested for those businesses who may be looking to train multiple employees, as well as, those who cannot afford, or, accommodate external travel due to busy schedules.

Felicia Pantaleo La Porchetta

Paul and the staff at Excel Dimensions provided us with a great service organising Excel training for our staff. The feedback from the training that Tim ran was excellent. We will be using Excel Dimensions again.

Visionstream engaged Excel Dimensions to provide several courses for Excel Training within Level 2 and Level 3. The course materials were well prepared, provided in a timely manner and to a very professional standard. The course tutorials were clearly and well delivered to the students with varying degree of subject knowledge.
After the initial courses, we were able to work with Excel Dimensions to develop a hybrid mixed course, which was provided to the remainder of our project staff.
Throughout the delivery of the courses I found the staff at Excel Dimensions to be professional and flexible allowing Visionstream to develop the skills of the project team over several months.

Russell Henricksen VISIONSTREAM

I contacted Excel Dimensions to arrange in-house training for 40-odd members of the International Education Division of the Department of Education and Training. The first thing that stood out about Excel Dimensions, as opposed to their competitors, was their prompt return to my initial enquiry and thoughtful follow up. Upon selecting Excel Dimensions as our preferred supplier we set about designing three levels of courses for the range of abilities in the workgroup. Paul Silverman, our trainer, was patient and knowledgeable. He helped us design a suite of courses that were engaging, practical and level-appropriate.
In the training room, Paul’s personal style was warmly received by all the training groups. He was well prepared and was able to adapt to the Department’s training rooms with little fuss. The course had many practical exercises that really re-enforced the learning. The participant feedback was uniformly positive and some of the participants from the Beginner level course took the spare spaces in the Intermediate course, thus was their enthusiasm for the training Paul delivered.
To say that learning how to use MS Excel can be a dry topic is an extreme understatement. That Paul was able to rally such enthusiasm from the group is truly remarkable. I would not hesitate to use Excel Dimensions again for MS Excel training for any workgroup.

Just wanted to express our gratitude for the excellent training sessions you provided to our staff. The flexibility in constructing the course content to meet our business needs provided highly-focussed learning outcomes and maximised the limited time we had available for training sessions.As time goes by we are seeing the results in the application of the new skills our staff have acquired and I look forward to future training sessions to further enhance their skill sets.

Excel Dimensions helped us save time and simplify our work. We're much more efficient now!

B. Smith E-Web Marketing