Want to know how Microsoft Excel can help your company’s productivity? We can help! We can use our vast knowledge of Excel to help you find ways to improve your productivity, saving you time and money.

Using Excel has really made a difference to our company. It makes things so much easier.

Company Spokesperson

Every industry

Excel does so much, it can be used in every industry. From technical tasks and accounting to presentations and general office management, Excel can help. It’s much more than just a spreadsheet application. Let us show you!

Every employee

With so many functions, Excel is helpful for any job. We can help you find ways to improve productivity, and can help train employees through our on-site Excel courses.

So much to learn

If you think Excel is only good for spreadsheets, think again! After ten years teaching people how to use Excel, we still get excited about this software. It offers so much to any business, and we love helping people unlock their Excel skills!


Definitely. While we’re able to construct complex spreadsheets for their organisations, in many instances clients approach us after departing staff members leave behind “legacy” spreadsheets which need to be modified or repaired. This may include spreadsheets incorporating VBA content.

That’s a common approach, and works well. An example might be where we consult with you to create a customised spreadsheet, and during the process stakeholders see a need to address Vlookup and If statements so they can continue the expansion of the spreadsheet. In this case the training component would augment the consulting side of our involvement.