Onsite Microsoft Excel Training

Learn Excel without leaving your office with our on-site Excel courses. Serving all of Australia, we can offer flexible training for groups and individuals. Get in touch today to find out more!

Proudly Offering Training Courses Australia-Wide

The flexibility in constructing the course content to meet our business needs provided highly-focussed learning outcomes

Bruce Smith, Logistic Engineering Services Pty Ltd

Group training

Our professional trainers can bring a group Excel course to your office. With each training session designed for up to 12 participants, this helps everyone learn how to use Excel as a fantastic tool in your workplace.

One on one

Do you want to get personal training? Our trainers can offer you a one-on-one Excel course, too. This will focus on exactly what you need to know. These custom sessions can be a full day or half day training course.

Beginner to expert

Our Excel courses offer something for everyone. Whether you are completely new to the software or consider yourself an expert, we can help hone your skills, improve your productivity and show you how to use Excel even better.


Yes, and at no charge. Here’s how it works.

Essentially, our courses are divided into 3 main levels, each of which comprises a single day course:

Level 1 – Getting started with Excel

Level 2 – Next steps with Excel

Level 3 – Advancing with Excel

The majority of our clients will find that, rather than being restricted to 1 single Level, they require a combined Level 1/Level 2 course or perhaps a combined Level 2/Level 3 course. We are able to customise the course by creating a manual for you comprising topics from these 3 manuals without altering the cost of the course.

We’re always happy to help our clients assess their requirements and work with them to put together a training program that will deliver solid outcomes for participants.

This varies from organisation to organisation. We find that the typical Excel on-site training course will be from 2 to 10 people. Additionally, we do conduct 1-on-1 on-site courses. Having said that, we have conducted courses comprising 14 or 15 participants. We’ll be driven by your requirements, and constrained by the number allowing an effective training course.

Don’t worry! Where training outcomes allow, we may be able to train more than 12 participants within a single course. Give us a call and we’ll help assess your needs. And, we can help arrange for multiple sessions, ensuring each user gets the training they need.

There are two main criteria that are used to determine an Excel training course’s value to participants, and therefore the return on investment of your training dollar.

The first (and most important) is the time available to answer participants’ questions. During any Excel course participants will want aspects of the content clarified, and our ability to address these questions can mean the difference between the participant “getting” the content and being able to deploy it back at his or her desk, or not being able to do so.

The second is the number of topics to be covered in any course. Generally, the larger the group, the less topics that can be covered in any course.

We appreciate the trade-off between content and class size, and we can help advise you of the best combination to maximise your return on investment.

Manuals and training files are provided for all Microsoft Excel courses. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm and readiness to learn!

Manuals are arranged in chapters based around specific topics. Within each topic, exercises are typically arranged as 1 page per exercise, with a separate training file accompanying most separate exercises. This provides a low-stress learning environment, as participants do not need to necessarily complete an exercise before moving on to the next one. With this in mind, we’re able to pick and select the most useful and valuable exercises and therefore maximise the training experience.

Because of the “1 page per exercise” format of the manuals, they provide a great post-course reference. Participants can open the manual to any page, open the provided training file and redo exercises without necessarily re-working through an entire chapter.

Very little. Our courseware comes with pre-prepared training files. This ensures that your time is spent learning, not entering data. You’ll get to keep these files after the course, allowing you to brush up or practice again later.

When training on-site, we require that each participant has access to his or her own computer or laptop, loaded with Microsoft Excel. Network or internet connection is not required.

We provide training manuals, course files and any other necessary hand-outs.

No! We know that many companies have specific questions about Excel they need answered. We’re always happy to customise the content of your course, and we do this at no extra charge.

We understand that the greatest return on investment in training takes place when course outcomes can be tied directly to work tasks. Where you have real-life spreadsheet examples you wish to look at during the course as case examples, we’re happy to include them providing time permits. Let us know your thoughts on this and we can discuss it before the course.

On-site training is conducted at your premises, and will include only participants from your organisation. Public schedule training courses are conducted externally at training rooms usually located in a city location and are open to enrollment to all members of the public, whether from an organisation or if a private person.

There are significant differences between on-site training and public schedule training courses.

Firstly, on-site training is restricted to members of your organisation.

Secondly, the content of an on-site training course can be customized to include topics relevant to participants, whereas public schedule training are usually restricted to pre-set topics. This means that the Excel topics required by the client might be available over 2 or more public schedule training courses, but can be integrated into 1 on-site Excel training course.

We are happy to provide a fresh set of Excel training files at any time after a course. This is at no cost.

Yes. We are able to provide training in all locations, Australia wide.

We are able to provide half-day Excel courses, and we can work with you to create a mix of topics that will be effective in this timeframe.

We are able to provide half-day Excel courses, and we can work with you to create a mix of topics that will be effective in this timeframe.